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Hi. I’m Matthew. 

I have great gear, I’m clean & sober, I show up when I say I will, and I don’t suck.

Music is at it’s best when it stirs people.

Different environments require different approaches, and I enjoy adapting my skills to suit the diversity of the songs I’m serving. I'm not out to change the world or revolutionize music; I just love the role bass plays in the music I love.
Because of this love, when forced to describe my own personal style, I find it difficult to put into measurable terms.  So I would say I am the bombast of Tchaikovsky and Rage Against The Machine, the supportive subtlety of The Wallflowers and Ryan Adams, and the sensitivity of Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones.  Pino Palladino and Justin Meldal-Johnsen are my bass heroes.
I really don’t think music has to be stupid to be popular.  There is so much music that is both popular and satisfying.  Which is why I actually enjoy good cover shows. However, with the level of talent here in Nashville, there is no shortage of new, meaningful, and great music being written everyday.  This is what makes Nashville so easy to love; it’s all about the new music.  This is where I am the most useful, and this is where my heart is.
So, I guess my point is this: music only really makes that emotional connection when it’s shared, and I would like to help you as you share yours.



I LOVE gear. And here are a few links to some of
the good people that make the gear that I love!